Super Food Box

The Super Food Box is fuel for your body and community.

You decide how you want to participate. Shop for your box or get a meal kit. Pick up or get a delivery. Give us a call and we’ll help you figure out what’s right for you. (828)290-9717.

The Meal Kit

The Meal Kit is a unique gift of a Caja. You’ll get seasonal foods, mostly organic and mostly grown in the region. The foods will include fruits, vegetables, proteins, and whole grains. We’ll provide you with 4 breakfast and 4 dinner recipes to help you figure out how to get these power foods integrated into your routine. We’ll include spice kits to add some flavor and adventure to your meals.

The Super Food Box

The Super Food Box is a Caja share, leveled up, friends. To your produce share, you can add 3 lbs of fresh, seasonal, local or BIPOC-produced whole grains. And, we’ll add some protein sources, too. You can choose from a Super Food Box powered by plant proteins or powered by animal proteins.

Do you have a referral to the Healthy Opportunities Pilot Program for a Healthy Food Box? You can choose one of these Super Food Box options that’s right for you.

The Super Food Box is fuel for the body and community. The box is full of foods that were produced in ways that leave the farmers better off, the people eating the food better off, and the earth better off.

— Sonya