Our Team

Sonya Jones, chair




Caja Solidaria is one of a long line of food buying cooperative experiences for Sonya. She has been organizing produce buying clubs since the 1990s in New York City. She loves how cooperative buying brings people together, helps farmers, creates a safety net, and shows solidarity with Pacha Mama, eaters, and producers.

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Dennis Lanigan

Board of Directors, Crystal Drive Club Lead

Dennis has been organizing cooperatively led mutual aid efforts, such as free radio, for decades. He’s an organic grower with lots of food service experiences. He sometimes roasts coffee to share with caja members. The gardens at Crystal Drive grow with his loving attention and guidance. Ask him what’s there.

Contact Dennis if you
  • Want to help with the Crystal Drive Club

Amy Landers

Board of Directors

Amy is the creative genius behind gardensthatmatter.com, an online gardening education resource and one of the very first caja members and volunteers. She and her family grow food using ecological methods and sometimes share these foods with caja.

Contact me if you
  • Growing Minds Books for Healthy Opportunities Boxes

Christina Schnabel

Treasurer, Fernleaf Club Lead

Christina is a person who creates community glue wherever she goes. She brings people together and engages with joy and enthusiasm. When she learned about Caja she immediately volunteered to drive fruit stands in SC to pick up fruit for our club. She is excited to possibly be one of the first participants in Caja’s HOP box program. Christina has been completing training as a bookkeeper at Blue Ridge Community College.

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Mitzi Harding


Mitzi Harding ran a community-supported agriculture farm out west before moving to western NC and brings a wealth of experience about food growing and sharing to Caja. She regularly shares food from her gardens and delivers shares to her neighbors. Mitzi just started her masters degree in biology at Western Carolina University.

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Harry Fleischer

Board of Directors, North Main Club Lead

Harry has been our most steady volunteer. He’s at Crystal Drive to sort food almost every week we have a Caja. His generous spirit of participation and commitment to cooperative food sharing is a beautiful gift to the Caja community. Harry wants to develop a club in the North Main neighborhood that would benefit Boys and Girls Club and residents of the area.

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