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Have a camper to share or sell?

Alicia's kids love cucumbers and pork chops. She always asks if she can take a few more cucumbers when we have them in the mobile market. She often feels a little dizzy when she walks out to the street to make her choices from the market.
She learned a few months ago that she is dizzy because her lungs are mostly collapsed from asthma. She needs surgery, which is scheduled for May. In the meantime, she has to be connected to oxygen. Sometimes when she gets really dizzy, she falls. She has shown me where she has fallen at night trying to get up to the bathroom and put a hole in the door.
She texted me a few weeks ago and said her landlord would not be renewing her lease. They've decided to go another direction with the house. I don't know what direction they are going, but I can see all the little modest houses around her being flipped into high-end luxury airbnb style homes. She told me at the same time she said she couldn't breathe.
She has housing navigation services, but no homes are available. She was told by the school system to consider putting her children in a youth-only shelter. Can you imagine?
Well, neither can she. She said she was not going to be separated from her kids. I asked if she thought they could live in a camper until a more permanent home for her family could be found. She said they could.
I'm here asking--who has a camper they can share or sell?
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