Caja Solidaria started as mutual aid project for Abundancia Community Food Bank in June of 2020 in Hendersonville, NC. It’s a pretty simple model and we encourage others to adapt and use it.

We buy produce and eggs at wholesale prices as a buying club. We love to buy from Henderson County small gardens and farms, especially those that use organic practices. We also purchase foods from Mountain Foods at Western NC Farmers’ Market. Mountain Foods purchases local foods from 100 miles around Asheville and high-mileage favorites as well.

All the members of the weekly club pool their money together so we can buy fruits and vegetables together at wholesale prices. If 20 people are in the club, we split that food up among 20 baskets when we get it on Friday. You drop by and pick up your basket. Easy peasy.

Usually the share will include 2-4 varieties of seasonal or standard fruits, a few basic cooking staples (potatoes, carrots, onions), and a few other vegetables.

The weekly list is found on the “Join” page.

You pick up your box at a location of your choice: 663 Delaware Lane, Bill Moore Park in Fletcher, or the Boys and Girls Club

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