What keeps us up at night?

We have plenty to worry about, plenty to lose sleep over. But what really keeps us awake?

We love this work. We love creating networks for people who take care of one another. One person says, “I’m tired of sleeping in my car” and we are up asking who has a tent. Another person says, “It could revolutionize my life if I could ride my bike to work and save money on gas” and so we are up dreaming up bike libraries.

Caja Solidaria started when our friends at the Abundancia Community Food Bank wanted to buy food for 12 people over an 8-week period with a mini-grant. The cost of fresh fruits and vegetables were not going to stretch far enough to support everyone, so we got 12 people to go in on the wholesale food purchase. Over time, we developed networks, volunteers, and food lists that allowed us to become a non-profit organization that shares food across our community because we believe everyone has the right to free or affordable healthy food.

What we do

Share free vegetables
Make culturally-relevant food boxes
Support local farms and makers

We distribute 50 shares of free vegetables to our neighbors each week.

Through a partnership with TRACTOR Food and Farms, Caja can give a fruit and vegetable share to up to 50 participants each week.

We provide culturally-relevant food boxes to Medicaid members.

Through funding from Impact Health and a relationship with Medicaid Pre-Paid Health Plans Caja provides 25 culturally relevant food boxes to qualified participants each week.

We make our donations, grants, and other support do triple duty.

We want our funding to not only provide great benefits to participants in our programs, but also benefit the earth and build community wealth. We purchase mostly organic foods and buy locally where we can.

Our Impact

From the Henderson County Committee for Activity and Nutrition report of activities from January to June 2022.

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